Disciples of Yeshua Congregation


DOYC is a Hebrew Christian synagogue located in the heart of Texas


Join the New Reformation

In Person

It's nice to be able to leverage technology for remote attendance sometimes, but there's something special about real-life hugs and handshakes, and face-to-face fellowship


If you live far from DOYC or have health issues that keep you at home, we'd still love to have you visit us virtually


How DOYC got started

We are currently a small group, but we’re part of a big move of the Holy Spirit across the world

We desire to glorify Adonai with our whole lives

Walking in God's ways, not Man's

Our highest priority is to become and raise up disciples of Yeshua (English: Jesus) who joyfully obey everything YHVH (English: Yahweh or Yehova) has commanded. In fulfilling that goal, we purposefully avoid all traditions of men that change or replace the laws of Elohiym (English: God), even when doing so puts us at odds with family, friends, or culture. There’s a reason why YHVH calls His people “peculiar” (Deuteronomy 26:18)!


Upcoming Events

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What to Expect

This is what you’ll find on a typical Saturday morning.
PS: You don’t need to speak Hebrew!  


Ours is a fledgling congregation, and we like how our small size encourages interaction and makes it easy to be known. Instead of sermons, we usually do Bible studies together, and when we pray together, everyone is free to pray out loud. During our Bible studies, everyone’s thoughts are welcome so long as they are shared kindly.

The various spiritual gifts are encouraged within a paradigm of orderliness.



Our desire is to meet with Elohiym (God) and each other as we are. We don’t want to put on a show, as individuals or as a congregation. The flashiest we get is nice backgrounds in our pre-recorded music videos.

Dress in whatever fashion fits your unique personality, but please be modest and respectful.

We want to be a tight-knit family, so expect us to try to get to know the real you.



We don’t perform copious amounts of rites, but we do have a few favorites. You’ll catch on quickly, we promise.


We love to praise God with songs about Him and His awesome deeds. We also throw in the occasional shofar.


Worship through dancing and flag-waving is always permitted but never required.


We partake of bread and wine together in remembrance of Yeshua (Jesus).


Returning some of our resources to Elohiym is a sacrifice of thanksgiving and a way to partner with Him.

What About My Kids?

We provide childcare for elementary-aged and younger kids in a separate room beside the sanctuary. Kids do games, crafts, snacks, a lesson from Scripture, and sometimes watch Bible-related videos. They also have access to a playground on campus.

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16321 Great Oaks Dr, Round Rock, TX 78681